About International Needs


International Needs is a development agency that operates in over thirty countries worldwide, helping thousands of people as they struggle against poverty, disease and persecution.

We have a vision to make a ‘world of difference’ in the lives of others. Our mission is to empower local people around the world to initiate community development projects to help eradicate poverty, provide sufficient healthcare to all people and gain freedom for those living in slavery. Our goal is to see people and communities made whole physically and spiritually, enabling them to live full and dignified lives, free from poverty and persecution regardless of their faith, nationality or gender.

About Gifts of Compassion


International Needs UK connects you directly with our partners in the countries we work. Gifts of Compassion is a unique opportunity to buy a gift for someone in need, and send a gift card to a friend.

We believe that the key to combating poverty is through education. There are all kinds of reasons why someone might be unable to receive an education; Gifts of Compassion enables you to be somebody’s solution. For example a cow can provide nutrition and a solid income from the milk, which can then be used to pay for medical treatment, school fees, clothes, other food and more.

Young girl farming in Uganda

Syrian refugees in Egypt


We are all aware of the complex and difficult political situation in Syria. As a result many families facing persecution have fled to the Egyptian border. You can help provide food, water and other basic supplies to these families.

Animal project in Uganda


A chick, pig or even cow can have a direct impact now and will continue to benefit a whole family, providing a source of food and income. This could be a big step towards self-sufficiency.

Releasing slaves in Ghana


The little-known slavery practice of “Trokosi Priests” sadly affects many thousands of women and children. Improving education in Ghana is having a huge impact, helping to release slaves.

Women in Nepal


Women are treated very poorly in many parts of our world, and Nepal is one such place. By providing training in tailoring and dress-making, as well as a sewing machine you can empower a woman, helping her to reach her potential in a difficult society.